Christmas Snogs and Work Nominations

A whole new week has flown by, yet it’s hard to believe that only seven days ago I was celebrating the first day of this brand new year.

The week back to work has been a short one with Monday being a bank holiday but two days in to the working week I definitely knew I was back with an unusually high amount of appointments beginning to fill up the month of January.

Out of the norm, my manager has offered to nominate me for an 18 month course which on completion will give me a qualification specializing in the work I do at quite a high level. I’m excited about this, of course it means I will have to stay with the company even if they don’t keep this contract but it will be worth it. So now I hope to win a place as they are limited hence the nomination.

On Friday we had our after work Christmas do, going to TGI friday’s for a meal .. Usually when there is something to celebrate we get together with some of the other services but this time it was just us, a team of eight .. I think this way was sweeter .. The meal itself was nice especially the starter of Jack Frost’s sesame chicken strips but the chocolate brownie dessert wasn’t, still after a few glasses of wine and some lively company it didn’t really matter .. After the meal with everyone leaving, four of us decided to take a short walk to a nearby pub, we stayed until the final bell rang out playing ‘I have never’ and now I can’t say I have been snogged by an Italian colleague who when we are together in the office our team joke we are like an old married couple as we are quite argumentative to the point I joke that we are now divorced .. Going back to work on Monday will be interesting .. Anyways on the way home I discovered I had missed my last bus so upon reaching my local town centre I decided to walk the rest of way floating on air ..

G is still texting me, he didn’t give me a straight answer when I asked ‘why?’ after all this time but he did tell me he has bowel cancer so now I am trying to encourage him to go to the medical appointments and not thinking about the why’s ..

Saturday I spent recovering from the night before, taking down the Christmas decorations but when it came to the tree, I couldn’t disconnect the lights which are built in, so couldn’t dismantle the tree to put it back in it’s box and after much frustration for fear of breaking it, I ended up taking the whole thing out and putting it in another room which my daughter finds quite funny ..

And now we are here, Sunday, a day to get organised for the week ahead and get back in sync with my January focus!

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  1. Hope you are having a great Sunday…. 🙂

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