Day 8 – 30 Days to True Health

Today started really late, I slept so long; guess my body was tired.  And it’s cleanse day…so it’s not complicated….Trupure drinks, Truplenish shake and veggies.  Gets me off the hook for cooking dinner tonight too.  And Cheryl, I know you gave me a blue shaker for my Truplenish, but seriously, everything tastes better in something pink so….well you get the picture.

I enjoyed a cozy afternoon in front of my fireplace and then 2 wonderful hours of warm yoga.  I tried Meditation again today and I loved it!  I was able to still my mind and find a deep state of relaxation.  It’s amazing how calm the mind can become and the body follows.  

It was weigh and measure day.  I am very excited about my first week results: weight lost – 2.4lbs, inches lost – 2.5″.  It always makes me happy to open My FitnessPal and roll back that “current weight dial”.  

Bring on week 2….I’m ready!

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