Future Stewardess?

I was talking to my mother about what my plans for the future was. Last night we basiclly had a 2hour long conversation just about that. 

I explained to her that I did not want to do like most people, I don’t want to stay in this town. I don’t want to get a normal office job or anything, dont want to just settle down and make a family. I told her I want to live my life to the fullest. Make it memorable, and worth living. I seriously refuse to end up depressed or stressed, lonely and so on. 

Biggest dream om mine, being able to travel alot. So we just came up with, maybe a flight attendant? I’ve thought about being a stewardess before, but I just thought for myself that It would be a boring job thats completely insane for me to try. Gave it a second thought, and now its just, why not? I’ll be able to travel, and I dont have any phobia or anything for anything related to that. 

These people working as a flight attendant, kind of fascinates me. Whenever I’m at the airport, you can always see these really fancy people walking by. Wearing really pretty uniforms, carrying small bags with them.  Their all so pretty, how come?

Aswell, I really want to study abroad! This is like a great option for that. The country I live in, doesnt really have any good education for that. So like, going abroad is probably the best option.

Yes yes, its a crazy thought. But, its not an impossible one.  

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