Interested in sex work

As a teen I was a real book worm.  I would burry my nose deep in literature instead of socialising.  I loved reading autobiographies about drug addicts and prostitution.  This world was no different to the world I was brough up in and it fascinated me.

Reading a couple of books on escorting really triggered my curiosity. I remember trawling the internet for escort agencies and brothels and was quite shocked that they actually advertised online.  I couldn’t understand how they got away with it.  I thought it was illegal. 

When I was in my early twenty’ so filled in an online application for an escort position in a town I was moving to.  I’m not sure what possessed me to do so, I think I craved the excitement of the escort characters in the book.  I had a desire to find out for myself first hand if this lifestyle was as exciting in reality as it was to read.  Needless to say I never went for the interview or took the job any further.  

Well not until around 7 years later! 




2 thoughts on “Interested in sex work”

  1. Im curious to know if its like how you read in the books? Do you enjoy being an escort?

  2. Yes my life kind of feels like a book! I live a double life.

    Escorting was once a lifestyle I only caught a glimpse of in movies and books. It is strange how quickly I have adapted to this becoming an aspect of my life and how normal it now seems.

    I never knew that so many men saw escorts it’s so descreet no one really knows how it works unless they are a punter or an escort.

    There’s aspects of the job I love… the ability to work as and when I want. I can work in whatever town or city I please. And I can make a lot of money very quickly.

    Of course like any job their are downsides. The downsides are much more unsavoury in comparison to your standard job. You never know exactly who is going to walk through your door… good looking? Ugly? Old? Fat? Young? Hairy! Who knows!

    If your clever you can work as little as possible make money and the rest of your time can be spent living a fruitful life. But you need to be able to switch off. You can’t let the job define you and you have to learn to accept yourself.

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