Jan 8, 2017

I can’t get over how productive today was!  I finished all my school work at 10:00!  I have a horrible habit of waiting until Sunday to do my entire week’s assignments since that’s when they’re due.  Then my oldest and I went to Best Buy because I lost my old kindle a few weeks ago.  I must have left it somewhere because I’ve looked all over.  Anyway I got a new one.  Instantly regretted it and felt I should have bought a better version online.  But you know what?  I have loved my Paperwhite for years.  Wanting to upgrade just because it is newer and more shiny (and more expensive!) is just selfish and wasteful of money that could go elsewhere.  So I put the $80 difference onto paying down the truck note and instantly felt much, much better about it and I love my paperwhite again.

Then I read a bit.  I’ve missed books.  I just can’t read a paper book anymore.  Probably because my library card is locked because I owe too much in fines.  Gotta get around to paying that soon.

Did a lot of little jobs I had been meaning to.  Got started with next week’s school work.  Did a bunch of my volunteer work stuff.  

Tomorrow since we all got ahead on school, the kids and I will go to the local major tourist attraction open to close.  It isn’t far but we almost never have time to go.  It should be fun.

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