January 9th / Love Yoga!!

I have tried so many kinds of exericse but Yoga has transformed my body the most. I have been doing total body yoga series this month. ( that is one of my weekly goals)It got me hooked with yoga again. 🙂 I am thinking to do yoga every morning this winter, even 10 minutes a day.

My morning ritual day 82

1) Write down 3 acts of gratitude

I am grateful that I have a lot of motivation recently. I am grateful I got all I need in my life . I am grateful for my body being flexisable.

2) Write one positive experice within 24 hours. I have been writing some stroies here and there lately. Writing requires a lot of concentration.I could focus a lot yestetday. I just kept typing and typing. When the flow gets like that, it makes me so proud of myself.🙂

3)Exercise for 15 minutes         Did 20 minutes Yoga and a little hike in the afternoon.

4) Meditation                               I did 6 minutes meditation with audio

5)Write a letter to someone or something to express gratitude    

Dear, Yoga instructor Tim sensei, I really like your style. I have been using your videos for quite a long time.You make all of them so challenging. Good workout!!  Thank you so much! 🙂

6)Do one small thing for generosity    I did his dishes.

How is my day going so far

4:00 Got up/ Soy latte

7:00 Breakfast/ Soy pancakes, sausage omelet, yogurt

9:00 Left for hiking

11:30 Lunch/ egg sandwich, rice ball, tomato and onion salad, some chocolate

15:00 Snack/ sweet potato

15:30 took a bath

18:00 Dinner/ Pork and vegies


4 thoughts on “January 9th / Love Yoga!!”

  1. I learned to love yoga only last year myself. It’s a workout for body and mind which leaves me energised instead of drained.

  2. Yeah.. I totally agree with you. I have been doing Yoga for 5 years. I cannot live without doing yoga now. 🙂

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