Pissy pants

So my husband has resorted to double pillow barriers between us, waking up at 5 am and being obnoxious, and making enough coffee for him. 

He lacks in self preservation skills. 

Yesterday, after stomping around like a toddler and forcing us to all watch football, he graciously put the TV on Snapped and took off.  Snapped! training videos for disgruntled wives.  Again, no self preservation skills. 

3 thoughts on “Pissy pants”

  1. It’s more like he gets PMS every few months. He’s not abusive…just lacks communication skills. He will throw this little passive aggressive shit fit for up to 3 weeks. It’s entertaining for the most part. Lol.

  2. Its so funny how you see how someone act when you take a step back and observe..I agree..quit entertaining

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