same old

Husband was late again. Kids were already in beds and I was yawning in my cat bed. Yep, husband bought me a cat bed last year, at least that’s what I call it. It’s a round small sofa/big chair that spins around. If I’m having quiet moment, this is the place where you can find me curled up and snuggling under my mermaid blanket that I crocheted myself last summer.

So, he warned me that today I’m on my own too… I really start worrying about next week, have so much planned and lots of those plans involve him being home in the evenings. Sometimes I wonder how he physically can work so many hours a day and so many days in a row? No wonder he comes home tired and empty and we don’t have much conversation. At times I feel like a single mother.


5 thoughts on “same old”

  1. You are a single mom. You need to take a good long hard look at your options and select one that does not involve him. Things will not get any better….only worse. Time to call it an end and start a new life.

  2. I often ask the same…how can someone work so much and still function? But keep your head up…eventually you’ll figure it out on your own…by nature when something is not working out…you’ll find something that will.

  3. Thanks, Emilyang and Midnight Writer, I have an idea what should be changed just need to find a way how. Husband works so hard for us, I get it. He does his best that we have everything. Because we don’t have any family living close, I fully depend on him. I can’t have time off and do something I like if he is not there to babysit. This dependency needs to change and it will change eventually. Kids grow.

  4. Find yourselves a reliable babysitter and have a day to yourselves. <3

  5. Unbotheredbeauty, yes! We need a babysitter and time for us. We moved to a new place last spring, I haven’t looked into options properly yet. I’m the kind of person for who it takes forever to settle down.

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