Saturday is gone and Sunday has arrived.  Hopefully, I will get more done today than I did yesterday.  Have not been feeling well the last couple of days but am feeling better now.  Spent most of Saturday late afternoon and evening sleeping.  Seems that the times when I need more sleep are increasing and the times that I don’t need that much sleep are decreasing.  I guess that is just one of the signs that I am getting older.

I want to take this opportunity to thank all of you who have provided feedback to the posts I have made and the comments I have made on your journals.  The majority of this feedback has been positive and I appreciate that.

Change is hard.  When we have established a habit pattern, do deviate from that pattern, even by a little, is difficult.  All elements of our life is controlled by those around us, habits we have formed, or principles that have been drilled into us.  Our hopes and dreams are formed through the experiences we have in life.  Our goals are set through those hopes and dreams.  Never stop dreaming. 

It has been a pleasure reading the posts many of you have made.  I am beginning to feel like I know many of you through your posts.  I truly appreciate those of you who had sent me email’s either with well wishes or comments on my posts.  Keep them coming.  I read each email and try to respond to as many as I can.  I know that there are many of you who don’t post your problems as you don’t want everyone to see them.  I you have a problem that you would like to get outside input on please send me an email with your problem.  I will respond to you by email and your communication will never appear in a post I make.  We often feel that the weight of the world is on us and just need to express out thoughts but don’t know how we can.  That vehicle is here either through public posts or by sending me your problems by email.  As I have said in my posts, I am not a medical professional and cannot provide a medical solution for your problem.  If I believe that you need medical intervention, I will suggest that you seek professional medical help.  Also, in other areas if a professional is warranted, I will make that suggestion.


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