The lands.

After numerous sessions with an SP-7 and an Ovilus X, I have uncovered some interesting secrets about the property I currently live on. For scientific reasons, I talked with a long-time resident of these lands. I asked her specific questions without revealing my findings only to find out that she was confirming everything that has been told to me through the spirit box sessions.

At this time, I don’t want to uncover too much. There’s more study and testing yet to continue, so keep an eye out for what I update about my scientific research.

It’s fact finding like this which keeps me going apart from what I recently wrote about. 

For those of you who haven’t read my older posts – I am a parapsychology student, paranormal scientist, and researcher. 

As the fiance says, I am the most complex person you will ever meet and you would never realize it by just looking at me.

For those of you who watch Ghost Adventures, ITC really works. I will write a whole post dedicated to it soon. I was at first skeptical until after running many experiments, I got factual intelligent answers.


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