Every time I write a normal post after a depressing one, I feel really embarrassed–as if I’ve just been crying my eyes out in front of a whole class of awkward people before stopping and becoming completely normal again.

But anyway, I just wanted to procrastinate for a while before really getting into my physics reviewing. I barely got an A average in AP Physics last semester; I want to keep it at least as high this semester.


I really love vaporwave music right now–it’s so chill and weird and amazing. I like the faded, kind of neon color scheme to the aesthetic (lots of pink, purple, blue, and sea green tints), as well as the slightly trippy and retro/vintage look of the artwork. Vaporwave music is amazing, yo. Go check it out.

My favorite is probably The Eye of Truth by Driver, which samples Dorothy Ashby’s “Misty”. It sounded really familiar because Tomppabeats also sampled “Misty” in the Harbor LP (another amazing chillax album that you should check out), although I’m not sure which song it was in. Remember Summer Days, by Android Apartment, is also really upbeat and funky. Come to think of it, a lot of vaporwave songs are really funky. I guess that’s why I keep getting recommended future funk songs. I don’t know if Dallas Cotton’s music counts as future funk or vaporwave or both, but his song Take My Love (ft MACROSS 82-99) is so weird and good, because you can hear the sound kind of “running” back and forth in your earbuds. Oh yeah, The City Lights Are So Beautiful (by Ichi no yoru) is also really good. I’m just chilling listening to vaporwave mixes on YouTube right now……

The Undertale OST is also amazing (I think you can tell I have a poor vocabulary by now)–even though I’ve never played the game–just watched Dan and Phil and Pewdiepie play the pacifist versions.

Normally when I watch their videos, I’m also doing my makeup, and it’s kind of stupid, because when I laugh, I have to pause what I’m doing so I don’t mess it all up.


I should stop here. It’s eleven pm already. Have a good day/night where you are, and stay chill.

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