Such and angry mama yesterday. It didn’t start out that way.  My Sunday started with my favorite yoga class.  I always feel so good after that class.  But as the day went on, I think it just became the perfect storm – menopause/PMS, too much sugar, too much alcohol, kids pushing each other’s buttons (am me reacting to it).  I went out with some girlfriends on Sat night and had a lovely time! However, I drank 1 martini (hadn’t had one of those in a long time!) and 2 glasses of wine.  That was a lot for me. Then there was the sugar consumption during the course of the weekend – one of my neighbor’s made brownies and sent them over. We still have good chocolates that were Christmas gifts.  I bought a sugary cereal for my kids (their weekend treat) but I find it very delicious and have been snacking on it.  On a positive note H, D, S and I went for a cold and snowy hike. That was really fun. D was her moody, pubescent self. S was his crazy, energetic self. And H and I – we just went along for the ride! Life is good, peeps.  Life is always good. Even when it seems like crap.

Namaste my friends

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