I misplaced my wallet or it was stolen from work. I had it in my coat pocket and then it was just gone.No clue where it went. I lost all of my cards in there my pay  card food stamp card ss card id everything.  Thankfully I got a card I can transfer my pay onto for now til I either find it or get another card sent to me and set up. Been cycling in and out of depression today had a few crying spells. None at work thankfully.Still trying to figure out what I need exactly for after care. Cuddling and reassurance always helps. Just talking can help too, to know that all is fine and I did really well when my mind tells me differently sometimes. Hehe wack negative thought kinda funny when you think about it like the game wack a mole. I play by whacking a negative thought with a positive one.  For example I must be a bad sub he left me alone Whack. I am making progress, that makes me a good sub. He simply had somewhere else he needed to be all is well.  Or I am so stupid, Whack, I am not stupid I just didn’t know any better. I have gained knowledge and learned something. Ect. But reassurance from those around me always helps but ultimately it’s up to me to built my confidence and be secure in myself and how I am. Which can be hard when others say bad things about me as I’m highly sensitive. But I’m working on not taking that stuff to heart. As only positive things belong there. Always remember you are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem and smarter than you think.

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