1/9/2017 18:48 Sluggish

           Today has been alright, I am making myself be more productive but it’s difficult. I finally got an interview set up for this Friday at 14:00 and should be going back to work soon. I’m still struggling to move forward and get back to the way life should be, but I am making progress towards it. I have been staying at my boyfriends since the 2nd the day before I went to the doctor. He has been good to me and taking care of me as much as he could, but he has to go back to his home state soon to visit family and stuff. While he is gone I will return to my house. I haven’t been there since everything that happened with the doctor but I expect nothing really to happen. I have sort of been avoiding my roommate because I don’t know how he’ll react to knowing that I had an abortion. I don’t really see it effecting him or him having anything to say about it but I put a bit more value in what he has to say than I really should. I think it’s because he was in the marines and because when I had no where else to go and was trying to leave my abusive ex-husband he took me in. In a way he saved my life and I think that’s why I always listen to what he has to say. I should be headed back to my house in the next few days though, I don’t know if I will tell him what has been going on or if I will just not talk about it. I will be glad to get back to my house and my own bed. I like sleeping over at my boyfriends and spending time with him but it will be nice to be snuggled into my own bed and with my own stuff again.

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