Woken up by Mum a few times and then later by my uncle who had come to borrow my sister’s ice-skates for his daughter. Got up, made my sister and myself scrambled eggs. Watched TV. Took a shower and got dressed. Made pancakes listening to music with my sister. Saw What’s Eating Gilbert Grape. Went to the library with granny who had come to see us for a few minutes (with no reason other than seeing us). I think she feels quite lonely. Anyway, I didn’t have to pay the fee at the library (which is usually 50 p per book per week) because I had been only six days late. Went to grandmas and then back home. Made guacamole (it was the most godawful guacamole ever – how do you even fuck up guacamole?) following a recipe that my mom had given to me. Started reading Raise High the Roof Beam and Seymour: An Introduction by J.D. Salinger. Ever since I read Franny and Zooey I have wanted to read more things like that.

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