Spirit Voices Harassment

January, 2017

  I was reading an account online today from someone who started hearing voices after smoking weed. This person didn’t mention anything about physical disturbances or any other odd phenomenon, but his description of how the voices acted was very similar to what I experience. Now, I’m not saying that all of these situations have the same source, that would be a huge leap of speculation on my part. But, I do wonder if some percentage of these situations are in fact caused by this same element of harassing earthbound entities that I deal with.

  I know a few people who got spirit attachments as a result of doing deep meditation. I wonder if things such as channeling, meditation and drug use (smoking weed for example) essentially thin or even shatter the blinders for a percentage of people (who already had thinner blinders to begin with) to influences from other dimensions, the astral plane, etc… I just don’t know. I’m speculating here, really it’s all I can do. This is a very perplexing situation after all and there are countless opinions out there. I try to avoid getting into theories about all of this. I find that for me, doing that just leaves me frustrated and more confused. But, I suppose to some degree it’s almost unavoidable sometimes. I accept the fact that there is just so much about all of this that I’ll have to remain in the dark about. But, I do see many similarities in the voices that people hear as a result of various circumstances. Sometimes, I do wonder if at least some of these cases are related in some way.


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