An Anniversary



January, 2017

  Tomorrow will be the two year anniversary of the day that I captured my very first EVPs on recording. I had just started attempting to capture EVPs a couple of weeks before but up to that point I heard nothing on my recordings. Then one afternoon everything changed. I heard numerous voices replying with intelligent answers to questions that I had asked on one of my recordings. I was blown away. This was the first time that I had heard an EVP up close that wasn’t on some paranormal television show or on the internet.

  To be honest, if I hadn’t of captured those voices on that particular recording two years ago, then I probably would have given up on trying to capture EVPs at all soon after. How my life would be different now. But I didn’t give up unfortunately. That first capture only inspired me to keep going. I didn’t capture anything else for a few days but I’d say within a week, I started to hear more voices on my recordings. Then as the days passed, I began to hear more and more until I was hearing voices on practically every recording that I made.

  I confess that I was more or less mesmerized by this whole experience and doing EVP recordings became an almost nightly routine for me. It was in a very real way, becoming an obsession. I won’t repeat my whole story again here, but after just two months of recording these voices that I was communicating with on a nightly basis, switched from being benevolent to being extremely malevolent and worse than that, these voices came out of the recordings and I eventually began to hear them at all times, 24/7 at an extreme psychosis level.

  It’s two years later now and I survived the worst of that hellish swarm of voices that I experienced back in 2015. These voices are still present and they are still a problem for me today, but with the passage of time, I’m learning to block them out more successfully to where they are little more than background noise. But I do often wonder what my life would be like if I had never captured those first few EVPs that afternoon exactly two years ago. I think I would have probably given up on the effort and never looked back.

  I know that the disaster that befell me from becoming involved with spirit communication is probably quite rare (though I know that I’m not the only one to get hit with the voices like this). Most people will not end up in a situation like this, but the danger is still there all the same. Getting involved with this kind of thing is very serious and the decision to get involved with it should be given long and hard consideration. It’s literally the unknown. I know that often that pull to find answers can seem irresistible, but like moths drawn to a flame, sometimes we get burned.

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