Masters of Deception

January, 2017


  Things are a little more mellow this morning. The voices have “calmed down” I guess I would say. Last night they were rather strong and very frantic in nature. They were speaking in a more erratic manner that was quite disruptive for a time. This morning things are much calmer. This is what I always have to keep in mind. When I go through these bad spells with the voices, I must remember that it will pass.

  Well, it’s almost February and as I wrote about earlier, this winter is the two-year anniversary of when my situation began. I began experimenting with EVP in early January, 2015. By the middle of that month, I first started to capture voices on my recordings. I don’t remember when it first started to occur exactly, but it was probably sometime in the first or second week of February that I first started hearing “negative” voices in my recordings.

  It started off very slight at first. All through the month of January the voices all seemed either benign or outright malevolent. At the time, I thought that I was developing something of a rapport with these spirits that I was communicating with. So, when I started to hear the negative voices on my recordings, I was a bit confused by it all. I didn’t know if these negative comments were coming from this same group of spirits that I had been communicating with for the past few weeks or if other spirits had now arrived and were taking part in my EVP sessions.

 I was still communicating with the (so called) “benevolent” spirits throughout most of February, even though these negative voices began to show up more and more on my recordings by the day. It was because of this communication with this original group of spirit voices which seemed benevolent that I probably continued to do EVP sessions for as long as I did. It wasn’t until I started to have my first few incidents of hearing the negative voices outside of my recordings that I decided that it was time to quit doing EVP recordings all together.

  Yet, even when the shit hit the fan so to speak and my oppression situation was well underway, I still wasn’t sure what had happened during those two months when I was experimenting with EVP. For quite a while, I still thought that those initial voices that I was communicating with in January were in fact spirits of a more benevolent nature and that later on during the second months of recording, a new malevolent element appeared upon the scene to cause trouble.

  It wasn’t until I began finding others with similar stories just like my own that I finally realized that I had been set up all along. I firmly believe now that I was being set up to walk into a trap from the very beginning. I saw this in other accounts as well. At first the contact was seemingly benign if not benevolent, then within a short period of time, the situation flipped and became negative and harassing in nature. These unknown entities pretend to be benevolent initially to lead you to have a false sense of security so that you will continue to communicate with them more and more on a routine basis, all the while they are setting the stage for when they spring their trap and become outright malevolent and abusive toward their victim.


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