A Danger of EVP : Lighting Yourself Up Like A Beacon

A Danger of EVP : Lighting Yourself Up Like A Beacon

January, 2017

  For the couple of months that I actively experimented with EVP during the winter of 2015, I was primarily doing my EVP recordings in my home, in fact mostly in the same room. I know that many out there would say that this was a huge mistake and I’m certainly not disagreeing with that. Hey, I feel that the whole damn thing was a mistake. But, as I said most of my recording was done in the same room which was a spare bedroom in my home. Just out of curiosity one evening, I left my recorder running in my bedroom while I went outside and smoked a cigarette.

  Since I had been doing all of my recording up to that point in the same spare room in my home, I just wanted to see if I would capture anything in my bedroom. To be honest, I was hoping that I would not. When I got back inside and reviewed the recording, sure enough I heard voices on them. I remember it as if it was yesterday. At first I heard a lowly voice say “Help Me.”  Then I heard a deeper male voice say “Damn, it’s recording.” Then right after that, I heard the younger sounding female voice (the one that I now call “Pippy the Nazi”) say “F __k you Brian, you betrayed us.”

 It seems that “Pippy the Nazi” at least was not all that thrilled by my little experiment. Well, I was a bit unsettled to know that these spirits were also hanging out in my bedroom, but at the time I didn’t make too much of a big deal out of it. However, it did make me become even more curious about where I would pick up EVPs and this led me to do further experiments.

So, I decided that I was going to try an EVP session at my work. Sure enough, I captured EVPs there as well. In fact, it was during that first EVP session that I did at my work that I heard a mysterious female voice on my recording identify herself as “Lucy.” Then later on, “Lucy” showed up on some of my recording sessions back at my home. I think some may be able to guess at where this is going. When things went to hell a few weeks later and my hearing voices oppression began, “Lucy” would show up again, but this time “Lucy” was also identified by the other voices as being Lucifer.

  But back to my recording sessions at my work. I tried this a few times on separate days and I was hearing voices on my recordings every time. One day I decided to take it a step further. On my drive home from work one afternoon, I left my recorder running in my car as I was driving. When I got home and reviewed the recording, sure enough I heard voices there as well.

  It was becoming very obvious to me that my interaction with these spirit entities was not at all limited to a single room in my home and just when I was doing recording sessions. Whoever it was that I came into contact with seemed to be following me around wherever I went. I had essentially lit myself up as a beacon to these entities.

  I know that there is a lot of belief out there in haunted locations, haunted houses, etc… and I’m not saying that there isn’t anything to that, but I do believe that in some cases, the more that one seeks to engage in communication with spirits, the more one could be bringing attention onto oneself. If one is open to the influences of these entities, then they could very well end up following a person around wherever they go.

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