The Battle for Sleep (v)

January 20, 2017


  I just took two doses of sleep-aid and I’m just getting ready to turn in. I just thought I would start my daily journal entry because I’m expecting it to be a rougher night than usual. I was just browsing around on the internet this evening and without even initially intending to, I end up reading several online articles about gang-stalking, targeted individuals, hyper-dimensional entities, etc… I was reading for a little while and this must have pissed “them” off because “they” turned it up a notch with the voices. They even started up with the physical sensations while I was just sitting in my living chair reading these articles. “They” seem like they’re going to give me a hard time of it tonight. I’ll probably take two more doses of sleep-aid in a minute for good measure. I’ll see how it goes.

January 21, 2017


  Well, the battle for sleep is underway. Just as I anticipated, “they” are attempting to turn things up a notch tonight. It’s mostly the voices that are bothering me. One voice has been talking over the sound of my condo’s heating system. Another voice has been getting right up to my ear and chattering away. I have felt the all too familiar faint breath against my earlobe numerous times tonight. Actually, it seems that the female voice, the one I call “Pippy the Nazi” has been switching back and forth from speaking over the noise of the heater, then getting up close and talking right in my ear. I just took another dose of sleep-aid. I just knew they were going to mess with my sleep worse than usual tonight. I guess they’re pissed off that I was trying to learn anything about them by reading all of those articles, I just don’t know.

January 21, 2017


  Fortunately, after I made that last journal entry last night, I was able to fall asleep rather quickly. The voices were quite strong, talking over the sound of my heater. Just the night before, I had foolishly turned off my heater just to shut them up. That was a mistake as I awoke the next morning to a condo that was freezing cold. I didn’t even remember doing it at first. I woke up and was like “why the hell is it so cold?” Then I remembered. I must have done it right before I fell asleep and was all out of it from the sleep-aid that was staring to really kick in.

  But, I managed to get some sleep last night after a rough start. I think it was around one-thirty in the morning when I finally passed out. Hopefully tonight will be easier on me.

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