Negative Entity Attachment

January, 2017

Well, it looks like this escalation in “the Battle for Sleep” continues. Tonight these attachments started causing physical/bodily disturbances on me before I even went to bed. While I was just sitting in my living room chair browsing some stuff on the internet, I started feeling the vibration sensation on my legs and also I felt some pokes and jabs  coming through the chair into my lower back.

I hear “them” chattering away right now, but I’m blocking out the content, I’m jamming their messages with my own mental will power I guess you could say.  Often with this situation, that’s what it boils down to…it’s a battle of the mind.

Since they’ve already kicked off the physical disturbances a bit early tonight, I guess I can expect them to be giving me trouble when I do go to bed here in a bit. I guess I’ll have to double up on the doses of sleep-aid again. I’ll see how it goes, I’ve been through all this before. Messing with my sleep is still something that really aggravates me, I’m sure that’s why they’ve been focusing on it so much recently, especially since my ability to block out the voices has been steadily improving.


Just as I suspected, the moment that I got into bed the physical disturbances started right up . I was feeling slight jabs coming up through the mattress. This is a sneaky trick that they haven’t used much since back during the first few months of this situation. But as I suspect, they’re putting more focus on the physical disturbances recently. The jabs aren’t as sharp they were back in 2015, back  then it felt like someone was really jamming their finger into my back with a lot of force This isn’t as intense as back then fortunately, but it is still very noticable and damn annoying when I’m trying to sleep.

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