January, 2017

   This week I’ve been reflecting a lot on my situation. As I wrote about earlier, this week marked the two-year anniversary of when I started to capture my very first EVPs on recording back in 2015. It’s amazing to me to compare my thinking and outlook about all of this from then to now. This time two years ago, my mind was racing with excitement. I was overwhelmed by the fact that I was hearing so many voices on my recordings and that they seemed benevolent and very willing to talk with me. Little did I know at the time that within just two months, these voices and this talking would be used as a means of attack against me.

  Back then, I thought that I was communicating with benevolent spirits. I tried to just make simple small talk. I would ask them things about themselves, like their names, where they were from, things of that nature. I admit that I quickly became mesmerized with fascination about all of this. With each passing day, I was hearing more voices on my recordings and as I strained the limits of my hearing by listening to each recording over and over again, I began to hear these voices more clearly. Things were moving very quickly. I got swept up in the situation and allowed myself to become blind to what was really going on. And what was really going on was that I was being deceived. I had opened the gate and let in the Trojan Horse.

  By allowing myself to become essentially obsessed with communicating with these voices on a routine basis, by becoming swept up with the excitement and fascination without the good sense to pause, slow down and objectively reflect upon what was happening, I was setting myself up for a terrible fall.  Things were moving fast, too fast and that’s how these entities that I was hearing on my EVP recordings wanted it. By the second month of recording, the kind and benevolent voices were starting to become not so kind and benevolent anymore. I began to hear things like threats, insults and profanity on my recordings. It started off slight as first, but grew worse by the day. They were getting things ready to spring their trap. The Trojan Horse was in position.

   By the end of that second month, they sprung their surprise and they attacked. I had been communicating with them by hearing their voices on my EVP recordings and that’s exactly how they attacked me, with their voices. By the end of that second month, I was hearing these malevolent voices that I had been hearing recently on my recordings, but only now I was hearing them with just my ears without the need to record.  In a very real way, they had come out of the recordings and proceeded to harass me with their voices to an extreme degree.

  In the two years since this first started for me, I have found numerous other cases of this same situation befalling people. Now, I’m not about to take a huge leap of speculation and say that all EVP voices originate from this same malevolent element. I simply have no way of knowing that. I am personally inclined to believe that at least a large percentage of them are in fact, from this same trickster, deceiving, malicious element, who if they find a way, may wreak havoc upon one’s life to one degree or another.

 After my own experience and after seeing many other accounts of this situation, I do know with certainty that this malevolent element does employ this Trojan Horse type deception quite often when they are setting someone up to harass and abuse. When I first started hearing their voices on my recordings, their voices and their overall manner was benign if not outright benevolent. So perhaps, in many cases it’s those most benevolent sounding voices that one may hear on an EVP recording that are the most deceiving and the most dangerous. Perhaps these kinder voices are looking for you to open the gate for them and their Trojan Horse.

  Perhaps as a result of what happened to me and my own experience, I can’t help but to take a dimmer and more cautious view upon the matter, all I can say again is that they are out there…on the recordings…embedded in the noise….and they are looking for people to come along and unknowingly welcome them into their lives.




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