Busy day

I know it’s nothing compared to some other parents but it’s unusual for me to have bad nights. My children usually sleep and so do I. Not last couple of nights though. 

One night ago my youngest was thirsty at night, kept getting out of her new toddler bed and going downstairs. I was chasing her up again and putting to bed, this was going on for couple of hours until she finally confessed that she wants ‘dee’ (drink). She finished bottle of water in a matter of minutes, after that went to sleep and was all good but my sleep was disrupted and I felt like crap next day.

Last night hubby came home at 1am. I can’t sleep without him, so stayed awake and curled up in my cat bed waiting for him. Because it’s Monday, had to get up early to get my girls ready for school which resulted in little sleep again. 

Today only one of them went to school though, my oldest managed to get an eye infection. That’s what happens when you don’t listen to mummy when she says not to rub your eyes. Went to local pharmacy for consultation, got eyewash and some eye drops for her. If she doesn’t get better by tomorrow, will book an appointment with GP.

This also gave me kick in the butt to finally register whole family with local GP Practice. Today I’m busy running around and filling forms. Had already been once to my chosen practice and came home with even more forms to fill. This afternoon will do another trip.

Yesterday my middle girl lost her first front tooth. Well, with my help. It’s something my husband would usually do but, ehhh… Now she has this silly look and smile with a funny gap, she talks funny too. Very proud of herself she is, always so excited to loose another tooth, it’s not how I remember it in my childhood.

Also, things are looking up and so far it looks like I’ll make to Zumba tonight and shake it 🙂 So far I did some triceps exercises saw recently on FB. Looked so easy but, daaaang, turned out to be so hard. Need to work on this.

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