Cold as Fuck

Dear Izzy,

It’s cold as fuck…….. like the cold clings to you even after you come inside cold. Mom got another puppy, that’s two new and Charlie. Spike died but you probably already knew that. I like the cold. Its crisp and new. It snowed. We got a lot for NC, around 7 inches. I couldn’t get out of the neighborhood on Saturday but that’s Ok. My roommate and I went to play in it. I got some awesome pictures. We also tired to make sleds out of boxes and garbage bags…… sadly it didn’t work. We watched movies all day….. can you believe she hadn’t see The Losers? I might have ruined her image of Chris Evans……. Sammy is boy hunting again.. There’s this guy she likes, His name is Devon…. He’s 21. I think she just needs to stay single for a while but what do I know… 


Missing you,


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