Day 13- Storm then calm

January 8, 2016

This snow filled weekend has been quite a calm storm. What is that? Well let me explain..:

I had a dinner planned for yesterday (Saturday) but the snow kept us inside. So my husband and I watched documentaries on Swingers and escorts which was actually quite fascinating. No we would never do it but I admire the love and security these couples have with one another to practice swinging. So then the documentaries were such a … Fire starter we were able to become so intimate. It was the most fun we had in a long time!!!

now we fast forward today and I was able to reschedule my parents dinner. It was awesome and I had enough money to cover it! Everyone came and it was a great time! Mother cried which is also a good sign. My fathers side came and I feel like since I lost my uncle I have gotten closer with them. After 23 years im getting to know them and it’s great. We’re planning a cousins dinner which I hope we actually pull off. 

This weekend even with set backs I was actually able to enjoy myself. Now tomorrow I have a gym date with Carla that I intend to stick to and I will hopefully clean. Keep my mood up and keep me going. This can be a turning point of the new year. 

Tasha Out😘

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