Entry 3 (still… day 1) Things

I am doing my senior year again. I wasnt ready to graduate and take the next steps in my life at the end of last year. Mentally. i have struggled with depression my whole life. I have a mood disorder, anxiety, and a couple other things that i wont go into rn. i left school half way through lat year and went to bording school. i have repeated my senoir year and things are much better now. i just applied to colleges and im starting duel inrollment next semester. i will be taking college classes as well as high school ones.

idk im just writing i guess. ive had a long day and im going back to school soon and im nervous about it. i have a new roommate and i dont like her very much. this means i have two roommates that i dont like in one room! yay me!!

i should be happy bc i had a super perductie day and i can finaly breath again!!

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