Jerk Astral Voices

January, 2017

  Recently, I’ve been hearing these spirit attachment voices talking about the Astral Plane, this in reference to where they are. I try to block out the voices as much as possible, but now and again I’ll find my focus drifting and I’ll start tuning in to the content of what they are saying. I’ve heard all sorts of out- there stuff over the past two years, most of it I just dismiss as lies, deceptions, “Kool-Aid” essentially.

  This is really just a policy I set for myself to help me manage things. These entities could be telling me something that is 100% truthful, but I’m going to dismiss it anyway. I can’t afford to start buying into some of what they are telling me, this is the trap that I fell into during the first few months of this situation and it really sent me down the rabbit hole.

   If I start thinking too much about the content of that they are saying, then this allows them to sow seeds of confusion in my mind. I could start believing them again, then I’m right back in the land of Oz. Not thank you. I’ve caught them deceiving me far too many times for me to get hung up on any particular thing that they tell me.

  The past couple of weeks, I’ve been hearing them talk about the Astral Plane a bit. Is that where they are? Maybe I guess, how can I really know for sure? I suspect that dimensionally speaking, they are very close to our physical world. I have seen them move objects right in front of me before in the past. They cause me annoying physical sensations practically every night when I first try to get to sleep. So, I suspect that in dimensional terms, they are close, real close. Are they in some in-between place, some border realm between our plane of existence and the Astral Plane? These are all things I ponder from time to time.

 Since as far as I can tell (just by reflecting upon my own experience with this particular group of entities that have attached themselves to my life), this gang are intrusive and malevolent. Are they just jerks from the Astral Plane so to speak? Perhaps other planes of existence or other dimensions are not so different from our own in some ways. There can still be jerks in a lot of places I suppose. I guess just like here, you’ll find a mixed batch, both the good and the bad.


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