Is Automatic Writing Dangerous ?

January, 2017

  Is Automatic Writing Dangerous ?

What is the danger?

 Well, I never did automatic writing myself, but I can tell you that at least one of the dangers of it is essentially everything that I’ve written about here that happened to me after experimenting with EVP.

 I have met others that have also gotten this condition of hearing voices and experiencing physical disturbances by being involved with various forms of spirit communication. I have met others that have gotten it after doing EVP recording. I know others that have gotten it from using Spirit Boxes and I’ve met a few that have also developed this condition as a result of doing automatic writing.

  I’m led to believe that the danger of this situation befalling someone remains the same no matter what means of channeling they are involved in. And that danger is getting struck with a condition of hearing constant voices for a time at least. It’s clairaudience I suppose, but it’s a type of clairaudience that you wouldn’t want because these malevolent spirits or “entities” will just bombard you with voices. But, in the beginning “they” like to masquerade as “benevolent spirits.” Sometimes they may claim the be your spirit guides, sometimes they’ll say they’re family, they’ll go to great lengths to deceive you. They can be quite masterful at pretending to be benevolent or benign at first. They certainly know how to wear a mask and from what I’ve seen so far, automatic writing carries with it just as much danger of running into this element and getting struck with voices as any other means of spirit communication.

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