Hearing Voices After Spirit Communication : The Battle for Sleep (iii)

January 17, 2017

  Last night was a little rough with the voices and the physical disturbances. I had to wake up early this morning to travel a bit for work. I suspect that “they” were intentionally trying to sabotage this so that I would be late. I had to take about 5 or 6 doses of sleep-aid to knock myself out. I’d say that they kept me awake for about two hours. Since yesterday, I’ve been experiencing the high-pitched ringing in my ears as well. It’s very rare that I’ll experience the high-pitched ringing for this long. Usually, I’ll experience it and then I won’t again for a few weeks, but recently, it’s been happening on a daily basis, numerous times a day.

  But, at least the sleep-aid finally did work for me last night. I was worried that it wouldn’t, that it would fail me and that I wouldn’t get any sleep at all and be either late for work or be a vegetable there all day. It sucks when the sleep-aid fails because I can’t do much except lie there in bed and endure the physical sensations and the voices. Sometimes, I’ll experience the physical sensations randomly throughout the day, but it’s much more constant when I’m in bed trying to sleep. When I’m motionless is when I’ll seem to notice it the most, if I’m moving around, then not so much.

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