Psychosis From Doing EVP

January 17, 2017

  Today is the two-year anniversary of when I captured my first EVPs back in 2015. My experience with doing EVP recordings would only last about two months but how my life has never been the same since. On this date exactly two years ago, I began to hear voices on my EVP recordings and I have heard voices ever since. Only now, I hear them without any recording device. In a manner that was most nightmarish for me, the voices that I was hearing on my EVP recordings came out of the recordings and I began to hear them with just my naked ears. When I first heard these voices on my recordings, they were seemingly benign if not outright benevolent. But, by the time that I had started hearing them outside of the recordings, they had switched from being benevolent to being out right hostile towards me.

  By the Spring of 2015, I was hearing these voices at what I can only describe as at a psychosis level. I would hear these voices at all times day and night, the only break from it being when I was asleep.  It was difficult to even focus on simple task like having a conversation with someone in person or on the phone because these voices would be right up in my ear causing me to panic. For weeks, it was a struggle to hold on to my job and looking back, I’m amazed that I did. My job is in sales so it entails a lot of interaction with customers. I remember occasions where I would be speaking to a customer and at the same time be hearing a voice shouting into my ear “this is really happening!”

  For a brief while, some of the voices that I was hearing were so intense that they seemed to make the very ground shake when they spoke. I am not exaggerating this, some of these voices could literally seem to create a shockwave effect. I remember a few occasions during that Spring where I would be sitting at my desk at work and feeling these strong shockwaves as these powerful voices were harassing me. I was so caught off guard and so freaked out by the situation, that sometimes I wondered if these strong shockwaves were the sound on “them” breaking through into this dimension. I was fearful that at any moment “they” were going to appear in front of me and drag me off to some unfortunate fate.

  Fortunately, this never happened and the intensity of these voices began to weaken over time. They never did break through, at least not as I was fearing they would back then. It didn’t happen overnight, but the voices psychosis began to subside into a state that is not nearly as troubling for me now. I am still hearing these intrusive voices to this day, but now they are more of just a presence in the background. Their voices no longer cause me panic. And yet, I look back now on this two-year anniversary of when it all began and I often wonder how my life would be different if I had made some different decisions back then. But, here I am, I’m still standing and very much ready and eager to get on with my life even if it is somewhat different now than it was before all of this started for me.

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