White Noise Voices : Don’t Try and Record Them

Sunday, October 16, 2016

 As I have written about extensively here on my blog, my story is basically this. I began to experience a condition of hearing intrusive and often down right malicious and tormenting voices starting in the Spring of 2015 after I had been experimenting with EVP for just two months that winter.  I have much regret now ever getting involved with EVP in the first place. I know that for most people, their experiences probably won’t turn out like mine, but for me personally, experimenting with EVP was hands down the single worst mistake of my life. I am still dealing with the fallout of my bad experience with it now being a year and a half since it all started for me.  But I made the personal choice to get involved with EVP.  It was something I had heard about for years, something I read about, saw on televisions shows and on the internet.  It was something that I was curious about and interested in at the time, so I made the personal decision to try it for myself to see if there really was anything to it.  Well, I certainly got an answer to that question.

   But where I made the choice to get involved with EVP all on my own, I have seen a few accounts from people who suffer from the same condition that I do (also as a result of EVP) who I feel were more or less set up by malevolent spirits to walk right into this trap.  As I have mentioned numerous times, once I started hearing these voices outside of my recordings with just my ears, I frequently heard the voices coming in over steady sources of background noises such as running fans, running water, etc… it was usually things that generated a clean, steady sound through which I was able to hear them clearest and loudest.  I recently saw a case where a person started hearing voices, just like this, coming in over steady sources of background noise. This resulted in the individual eventually investigating the situation by means of EVP and it essentially ended up turning out just like my own case. So in this case, the voices appeared first through various sources of white noise, the EVPs came later.  And I have seen a few other accounts like this where the voices appeared first, were able to be captured on recording via EVP, but in most cases, prolonged interaction with these voices only made the situation allot worse.  What this all means is still unclear to me. It’s an unexplained mystery that hopefully we’ll be able to get some answers to someday. But for now, just to be cautious and safe, I would say if one thought that perhaps they were hearing voices, music, or other mysterious things in sources of steady noise, it would be best not to let curiosity over this inspire you to investigate it by doing EVP. As I said, in the accounts I’ve seen so far, this often makes the situation much worse. I suspect if one just ignored it, there’s a good chance that it would eventually go away. If it is a trap situation, it’s always best to not take the bait.


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