Physical Sensations and Voices After Doing EVP

Physical Sensations and Voices After doing EVP :

 January, 2017

  I tried to take a nap this afternoon as soon as I got home from work. We know how this typically goes. As usual I was met with the physical sensations. At one point I had my blanket covering half my face and I was feeling these jabs like someone was poking my chin or something…very strange. But, all in all the voices were pretty mild today. I definitely think that “they” are focusing more on the physical sensations now to try and annoy me. I still hear the faint constant chatter in the background quite often, but it doesn’t have as much effect on me now. As I’ve mentioned, I’m getting better it blocking out the voices so that I can’t hear the content. Every once and a while, I’ll hear them strong and it can still be quite unsettling at times, but for the most part, I’m pretty desensitized to it now. The physical disturbances are still quite an annoyance though, but luckily sleep-aids do the trick most of the time. Man I could really use a vacation from all of this, but unfortunately, if I tried to go anywhere “they” would just follow me, I know they would, they are still attached to my life. But man, what I would give for some uninterrupted sleep for a change, that would be bliss. But, I’m still defiant, I’m not going to let “them” drag me into despair.


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