The Battle for Sleep (v)

January, 2017

 The voices were annoying me last night right as I went to sleep. I did pass out pretty quickly thanks to the sleep-aids but I woke up this morning freezing cold. Then I remembered that before I fell asleep last night I got out of bed and shut off my heater because “they” were using the noise to project their voices. I usually don’t do that and I regret that I did. My condo was literally freezing cold this morning, I mean it’s January…not a smart move on my part. I was probably all out of it as the sleep-aid was kicking in. But fortunately, I did pass out quickly so I didn’t have to listen to their bullshit for very long, but I can’t let them get to me like that where I’m turning off something like my heater in the middle of winter just to avoid hearing them.

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