Jerk Astral Sleep Disturbers

January, 2017

  I’m writing this journal entry early in the morning so I just can’t say yet how the day is going to go. These spirit attachments of mine gave me a little trouble last night when I first went to bed. They were causing me some intense physical sensations. Mostly it was an intense vibration sensation, which is the most common physical disturbance that they cause me (and always has been).

  Sometimes it’s mild, sometimes it’s more intense. Last night it was more intense than usual, so I had to double my dosage of sleep-aid to get to sleep quickly. That’s typically what my counter-measure for dealing with these physical disturbances at night is. I just take my sleep-aid until it does the job.

 Every once and a while, the sleep-aid will fail me and I won’t be able to get any sleep at all, but that doesn’t happen that often so all and all, I think that the sleep-aids help me out a lot. I probably literally couldn’t get by without them.

 On the plus side, the weather has finally warmed up some. The snow and ice that covered everything around here earlier in the week is starting to melt away. I believe that today is supposed to be in the sixties, so hopefully a lot more of it melts over the course of the day as I’m getting sick of it fast.

I’m low on sleep-aids right now, so I’m going to go pick up some more. Unfortunately, this has got to be a priority for me. Often, when there’s no sleep-aid around, there’s no sleep. These physical disturbances are often that annoying that they can and do sometimes keep me awake all night. I admit, sometimes I’m just feeling too damn lazy to run out to a store when I run out of it. But, when this happens, I’ll end up paying the price if I don’t get off my ass and stock up on the stuff. It’s just one of the necessities of my life right now. Hopefully someday this situation will end or at least mellow out much more, but for now I still do need something to help me get to sleep at night.

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