Astral Chatter

January, 13, 2017

  I awoke to the voices this morning. I wonder if they chatter throughout the night or if they are actually less chattery while I’m sleeping (maybe they leave and go someplace else for a time?) It’s hard for me to imagine them being silent. It seems like such an impossible notion to me. I’d have to say that it’s my opinion that they do not stop chattering. Often, I’ll be semi-awake (in a half sleep/half awake state) and I’ll still hear them chattering. I personally think that there’s chattering going on around us all of the time. Most people just can’t hear it. I suppose that perhaps I altered my hearing back when I was experimenting with EVP and now I can hear at least some of this chatter.

  Call it Astral chatter, dimensional chatter, I don’t know, I’m sure it’s something along those lines. But I do believe that this chatter is around us at all times and at least some of the source of this chatter is malevolent. I won’t generalize or cast a broad net.  I’m not sure who the entities are that I’m dealing with, but whoever they are, there are indeed hostile elements among them. But of course, the same can also be said of humans living here in the physical world.

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