Ringing in the Ears

January, 2017

  One of the things that I do still experience is an occasional and often intense ringing in one of my ears. This was something that I was experiencing at a very intense level back in early April, 2015, back when the shit really hit the fan in my situation and I started hearing these harassing voices on a constant basis. This intense ringing was never constant for me, in fact it would (and still does) usually just last for a few moments. This ringing is usually in just one ear when it occurs. I’d say that it most often occurs in my left ear, but on occasion, I’d also experience it in my right ear as well.

  This intense ringing was something that I experienced quite a bit back when this whole situation was at its horrific climax, but then it seemed to taper off and I did experience it for quite some time. Then about three months ago or so, it started to occur again. Only now, the ringing is not nearly as intense as it was back in the Spring of 2015. Back then it was very intense. I would often think that perhaps it was the sound of my mind shattering into pieces. These days the ringing is not as intense but now when I hear it, there’s often a faint voice that seems to come through the ringing itself.  A few other people that I know that also went through this situation also told me that they have experienced this ringing in the ears that often seems to accompany the voices.

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