Jerk Astral Sleep Disturbers (ii)

(part II)

January, 2017

 I was feeling quite tired and worn out when I got home from work this evening. I decided I would lie down and try and rest for a little while. Now, I know that I’m hardly ever able to pull this off successfully. Whenever I try to rest or even sleep at night, right from the get go these spirit attachments will start causing physical disturbances on my body that can be extremely annoying and make it very difficult to get any rest at all.

  When I go to sleep at night, I usually take care of this problem by dosing myself up with sleep-aids. If I’m just trying to take an afternoon nap say, then I don’t use any sleep aids because I’m not trying to sleep for that long. If I’m trying to simply rest in the afternoon, then I have to deal with the physical disturbances head on. This is often why I’m unsuccessful with this. It’s hard to get to sleep when you’re feeling strange vibrations moving around on your body.

 About a week or so ago, I was successful for once and managed to pull off a three hour nap. This is a real rarity for me. Well, I figured I’d give it another try again today but no luck. The strong vibration sensations started up right away and it didn’t quit.

 I currently suspect that these spirit attachments may be focusing more on the physical disturbances to abuse me rather than the voices. I’m more or less still surrounded by these intrusive voices, but I have made much progress in reaching a point where I am able to successfully block out the content of what they are saying. I can still sense that there’s chattering going on, but if I don’t tune my hearing into it, I won’t make out what is being said.

 The physical disturbances are much harder to ignore. That’s why I think that I’m seeing a shift towards them focusing on this strategy of abuse more often. I’m not sure if there’s anything I can do about it really. I’ll keep trying to come up with some ideas, but for now I’ll just have to tough it out and keep on keeping on.

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