No More “Shock & Awe”

January, 2017

 I’ve probably already mentioned this, but aside from the voices and the physical disturbances that I experience, all of the other strange phenomenon that I was experiencing back in 2015 and some of 2016, has seemed to stop or at least become much more infrequent. By other phenomenon, I mean things like receiving direct phone calls from these entities (sounds strange I know, but “they” were doing this for a time), having what were essentially EVP messages left on my voicemail, manipulation of the texting feature on my cell phone, banging on walls, seeing dark shadowy outlines briefly form and then disappear in front of me.

  All of the mysterious phone calls have seemed to stop completely. I can’t even remember the last time that I received a phone call from “them.” I know this sounds strange, and most of the phones calls were not very clear (with a few exceptions), they mostly had a strong static distortion quality to them, but the voice I heard the most during these calls was the female voice that I call “Pippy the Nazi.” Trust me when I tell you that I would recognize her voice anywhere. I have been hearing her voice for practically two years now. I was even hearing her back when I was still doing EVP recordings during the winter months of 2015.  She has also been the most harassing voice that I’ve had to deal with during this whole experience. I’m not exaggerating, I would recognize her voice anywhere and it was her voice that I would most often hear when these prank call /phone call incidents occurred.

  The calls were quite frequent for a time. I’d say that during the Spring and Summer of 2015, I was probably receiving somewhere around at least 4-5 phone calls a week from these harassing entities.  Sometimes, there was a few calls over the course of a single work day. That’s another thing. These mysterious calls always came in over the landlines at my work. The voicemails that I received were always on the same landline phones at my work as well. I never once experienced a direct phone call or a voice mail on my cell phone. I did however experience some manipulation of the texting feature on my cell phone. For example, on one occasion I believe that these entities were manipulating my cell phone so that the sound of an incoming text would go off over and over. They did this while I was at a doctor’s office once. It may sound like a phone malfunction, but I guess you had to be there, the timing of it seemed very intentional.

  What I do still experience occasionally (but again, not as frequent anymore) is seeing the outlines of forms appear in front of me and then briefly disappear. These outlines are usually the form of an upper body. I’ll see the outline of a head and shoulders but nothing more. It will appear in front of me and almost seem to drift or float and then it’s gone. Usually, these visual occurrences only last a few seconds. Back in 2015, this would also be something that I would experience several times a week, often even several times a day. I do still experience this, but now it seems like this will occur maybe once every few weeks.

 So, all in all it does appear that this unwanted perception that I find myself having to deal with after experimenting with EVP back in the winter of 2015, is steadily closing up to some degree over time. And to me, this is good news.

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