Mellow So Far

January, 2017

  Today so far has been pretty mellow. I wasn’t bothered much last night by the annoying physical disturbances. They were present, but I guess I just passed out too quickly to really be bothered by it. The sleep-aids did their job and I’m glad for that. The voices have been pretty mild today. I’m still picking up bits and pieces of chatter but I’m getting much better at being able to block out the content of what the voices are saying. It’s like I can tune it out and it just becomes fragmented. The voices are still there, but now I’m better at blocking out the words that they are speaking so it’s just formless noise in the background really.

  I will keep working at this even though it seems to just be happening naturally on its own with time. This is a good development for me. Yes, the physical disturbances can still be a real pain in the ass at times, but they really are just an annoyance anymore, they don’t cause me any serious pain or anything, though there were a few occasions in the past when they did.

 I still occasionally hear a voice “jump-out” so to speak, but I am certainly improving when it comes to blocking them out. It is a little more difficult when I’m around a louder background noise because these entities seem to project their voices over the noise. But, I think I’ll get a better handle on that as well as time goes by. So, I still have my share of bad days with all of this, but so far things are quite mellow today. I hope this trend continues.

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