Jerk Astral Sleep Disturbers (iii)

January, 2017

  It’s my day off and I tried to rest this afternoon but as soon as I got into bed I was more or less hit with the physical disturbances again. One of the most frequent physical sensations that “they” cause me to feel is a strange vibration sensation. Sometimes, it’s strong, sometimes it’s not so strong, but recently they’ve been intensifying these weird vibration sensations it seems. Just this afternoon when I tried to take a nap, “they” started to cause an intense vibration sensation moving around on me. The other night they caused the intense vibration feeling in my shoulder area. Sometimes it’s localized like this, sometimes it moves around. Aside from the strong vibration sensation this afternoon, I could also feel “small objects” (for lack of a better term) moving around on me as well which I also experience quite often.

  I feel like “they” are definitely on the offensive recently with the physical activity. They’ll look for whatever angle works to cause me the most disruption. That’s how this gang that haunts me operates. Their goal is to wear me down. It’s like being under siege. I’m still very defiant towards them because they are such asshole bullies but I admit it does suck when they mess with my sleep. Each day feels like a battle sometimes but I’m still in the fight.

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