Unwanted Passengers

Hearing Voices After Spirit Communication : Unwanted Passengers

January, 2017

 As I stated, I have come a long way since 2015 with dealing with these intrusive and harassing voices that I started to hear on a regular basis since I briefly experimented with EVP for a time. These voices are still always around but I’m reaching the point now where I can at least not listen to what they are saying. I’ll still hear this faint chattering in the background usually, but I’m gaining the ability to block out the content of the voices so that I do not hear what is being said.   If I choose to listen to the voices, I can tune into them, but it’s usually just the same ridiculous crap I hear so I rarely ever choose to give them an attentive audience anymore.

  For as long as I have been hearing these intrusive voices, I have always heard them the loudest when I’m around a source of steady background noise. Back in the Spring of 2015, back when this situation was at its climax and this perception was still new to me and wide open with no way for me to control it, I was hearing these voices emerging from anything that made a steady noise. I was hearing voices coming in over fan noise, the shower, my car engine, a running faucet, the rain, the wind, the list goes on. There were voices coming from everywhere.

  I still hear these voice the loudest these days when I’m around a steady background noise, but it’s only a fraction of the intensity that it was back in 2015. For the most part, I feel that I’ve re-adjusted to these noises so to speak where I’m now able to block out the voices to a significant degree. Every now and again, if I’m in an environment where there’s a steady background noise that I’m not used to being around on a regular basis, then I will often hear the voices much louder. This just happened recently when I was running electric space heaters in my condo for a time after the heating broke down. These heaters essentially generated a noise very similar to a running fan. For the first few days of running them, it was as if these entities had been given a microphone. My home sounded full of voices once again. I admit it was an unsettling experience there for a while but within a couple of days, my ears began to adapt to the noise and I was better able to block out the content of the voices.

  The one place where I still have a problem with hearing these voices at a more intense level is in my car while running the heater or air conditioner. Right now it’s January and on some days it’s quite cold. If I run the heater while I’m driving, I’m bombarded with voices that more or less just talk shit on me. Perhaps it’s being seated in such a close proximity to the source of the noise, but these voices jump out over the heater noise quite loud and quite clear. So, this time of year on days when it’s quite cold, I’m left with two choices, freeze my ass off while I’m driving or hearing these malevolent voices berating me while I’m driving.

 I usually choose to just deal with hearing the voice. Because the noise is so close and so strong, I just can’t block them out. The noise is simply too strong and I’m just not there yet with my progress in blocking out the voices to not hear them or the content of their words while I’m driving in my car with the heater on.  I typically choose to run the heater anyway because I’ve heard these voices this strong before and they just say the same kind of bullshit that they’ve always said. It’s nothing new to me by now and at this point their ranting has just gotten really old. They are not going to say anything that’s going to freak me out and send me into a panic because I’ve learned to never trust what they say anyways. They can hurl their voices at me, but they won’t get their hooks into me anymore. I’ve already been down the rabbit hole plenty of times and I have no wish to go that route anymore.

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