everyone makes mistakes. its the ones we cant get over that kill us. the big ones, the little ones. ones that you thought wouldn’t even matter. yet three months later, they’re being thrown in your face.

maybe we have been through too much. maybe, the more we try to get over it the worse it gets. I don’t know how to fix the many mistakes that we have created over the last six months. will it ever stop? when will we get tired of hurting each other. when will we be able to move forward with our lives.

I am starting to think never. things will never change. things will always be based on our mistakes. our paths have already been predetermined. our life path set out in front of us.

im sorry. said too often. means nothing. another word. another way of saying “you caught me and I hurt you” what are you sorry for. the same thing you turn around and do a month later. why apologize if you keep running back to the very mistake you started this mess with.

soon there will be nothing left to give. the mistakes will have eaten me alive. there will be nothing left of me. I will be a lost soul in a sea of places looking for a way out.

the truth has set me free. will it do the same for you?

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