The Verdict

  “Your execution is scheduled for tomorrow morning”

 This is something that I heard these harassing malevolent spirits say to me numerous times back at the start of my ordeal.  I know that I have already written about this in my other  post here, but I thought it best to give the subject a post of its own because I have seen this death sentence tactic used by these malevolent spirits in several of these harassment situations.  I admit, back in the early days of my ordeal when I heard them say they had scheduled my execution for such and such a day, I believed them.  Here I was, confused as hell about the whole situation, dealing with these invisible persecutors.  I had no idea what they were capable of at the time. At times, when they told me that they were going to kill me, I believed them. They seemed like they meant it and I was already in a terrible state of panic and anxiety over this whole predicament that I had found myself in. I admit that back in the early days, I more or less accepted my fate and believed that these malevolent entities were going to follow through with their death sentence. I remember hearing on quite a few occasions “your execution is scheduled for tomorrow morning.” I thought when I awoke the next morning, I could be “taken out” at any time. But “tomorrow morning” always came and went and nothing ever happened…needless to say, I was not executed.

  At first, they would tell me that at the last minute they had decided to spare me. They would say things like “your execution has been rescheduled for Thursday morning.”  But just like before, Thursday morning would come and go and nothing would ever happen.  These harassing spirits eventually gave up on using this death sentence mind game because I wasn’t falling for it anymore. I had realized that it was complete and utter bullshit.

  I have seen them use this death sentence mind game tactic in a few other accounts of this situation as well. It’s just another dastardly ploy from their bag of dastardly tricks. In the end it amounted to nothing. I have lived through many tomorrow and Thursday mornings since I started hearing these voices and I continue making it through each day. Yes, I still hear these intrusive voices, but I don’t buy into their mind games any longer.  If I heard them give me an execution date these days, I would dismiss it in the blink of an eye and not give it a second thought because having gone through this whole sham before, I know without a doubt that it is just more complete and utter bullshit from them.


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