Truth and theory

One never has to seek the truth. Most of the time it’s in plain sight. We make assumptions by trying to piece tidbits of information. Then think we’ve solved the puzzle. I’ve tried this, only that if one piece is missing it’s never the complete truth. So once the truth is found, presumed upon with out a doubt, what does one do with it.  This is hardest part, having the truth. Depending on the circumstances, one can act upon it. Divulge it and face repercussions, big or small. Be a maverick about it perhaps. Set the record strait, with the expectation that you’ll hear, “I’m sorry, you were right, things are going to change.” Well that’s positive thinking. To believe that our faux relationships with others will stay the same. I say faux, because despite something not be right, we are to remain civil and polite. This is a role that’s is played daily, mostly to keep some calm and peace. 

My conclusion to myself, I will keep the truth close to me, some will deny you facts, misquote you and have you spinning in circles when you approach them with it. Understand why and whom I’m trusting. Recognize if the truth bears weight and is not petty. Really know who I’m  divulging it to. Forsee, if it will change things that occurred? If it’s insignificant, then I will figuratively file it away. Before looking around for truths, I will preemptively not let myself be put in a situation where I must later defend my name. The truth shall________?

One thought on “Truth and theory”

  1. Thank you Thunderhead. You know I agree, the truth brings storms. If it’s not a big deal, it’s better to see it as water under the bridge.

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