The Battle for Sleep Continues

January, 2017

The Battle for Sleep continues. I just had my fourth dose of sleep aid. Though tonight these attachments are harassing me more with voices that the physical disturbances.

I’ve been mentioning that I’ve been improving with my ability to block out the voices recently. In think that tonight they are trying to show me that they can still cause me problems with the voices. My condo is pretty alive with their voices right now as I write this.

That’s how they think and operate. They try and throw off any progress you make by escalating things sometimes. But I’m not deterred. I’ve come a long way. Anything they say to me now just bounces off of me because I don’t believe any of it. 

They aren’t even saying anything really that intelligible tonight, it’s all just mostly lame insults. 

Their elaborately devised mind games no longer work on me so now they just more often throw out insults and critical remarks, as if I really gave a damn about what they thought about me anyway.

Before they criticize anyone, they seriously need to look in a mirror and worry about themselves and their messed up personalities. But the truth is, I’m not dealing with rational minds here, at least not rational in any way that I can understand.

Trying to figure them out wouldn’t be worth the aggravation and the strain it would put me through. I still sometimes find myself trying to reason with them, to see if I can improve my situation that way. At least for me, this never does any good.

I must continue to desensitize myself to their abuse and continue to work on cutting them out of my life as much as is possible for me to do.

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