Voices Oppression

January, 2017

For the most part, I’ve been making great progress now with dealing with these intrusive and harassing voices.

I’m slowly but steadily gaining the ability to at least block out the content of what they are saying (which is never anything pleasant).

But every now and again I’ll still have a bad day where these voices are more oppressive. Unfortunately this evening seems to be one of those times. I was fine most of the day but now tonight, the voices are more present. 

They are speaking over the noise of my heating system, the background noise always projects their voices.

Last week, one night I shut off the heating all night just because I was sick of hearing their bullshit nonsense chatter. But, it’s January and that wasn’t the smartest move. I awoke the next morning to a freezing cold condo.

So, I’m not going to make that mistake again. I can deal with the voices tonight. I’ve been through so much worse. They just turn it up a notch like this out of desperation because the know that they are losing ground. 

Tomorrow they’ll be back to being very faint chatter in the background.

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