Hearing Voices After Spirit Communication


January, 2017

These days it seems that I’m fine in the day but “they” for now still rule the night. 

During the day, for the most part the voices are very weak, confined to the background really. While I’m out and about during the day at work or wherever,  I rarely feel any of the physical disturbances, occasionally I might, but it is very rare.

But at night, if I’m alone at home, that’s when the voices are more noticeable, especially when I first go to bed and am trying to sleep.

In a sense, I have to take back the night.

If I’m just at home reading a book say, they’ll get in close up to my ears a lot of the time. The chatter is usually pretty faint now if I’m in silence but it’s still there, I’ve got to keep working on blocking this out.

If I’m near a background noise then it’s still trickier for me to block out completely…but again, I have to keep working at it, it’s going to take some time. My ability to do this is in fact slowly improving so I am optimistic.

The night will be mine once more.

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