Hearing Voices After Spirit Communication


January, 2017

 This evening these Entity attachments have been causing this damn annoying ringing in my ears while I was trying to sit quietly and read.

I can feel a faint breath hitting my left earlobe. This happens quite often, I know “they” are chattering away but I can’t really make out much of it, just a few words here and there…it’s just their typical “Kool-Aid” talk. I’m trying to block out this damn ringing in my ears but it’s a bit trickier. Perhaps if I turn on something that makes some noise that will drown it out…I just have to be careful which noise, as I’ve talked about numerous times here, these entities often project their voices over sources of steady background noise.

In a way  I sometimes have to find a balance. With too much background noise I hear their voices more, if I’m in complete silence, I’ll also hear them, just much fainter….some times a balance in between works the best until  the storm of voices passes once more.

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