Voices from the Refrigerator

January, 2017

Tonight I was hearing numerous voices ¬†speaking through the noise of my refrigerator. It’s literally like there were conversations going on inside my frig and most of it was directed at me.

I know how truly bizarre that this must sound to many people…but this is the kind of crazy surreal shit that happens sometimes during a haunting or an Entity Attachment situation. Sometimes you could hear voices in bizarre and unsettling ways coming from unlikely places (well, that were once thought unlikely).

I’ve heard voices emerging from the noise of fans, running water, my car engine, the wind, the rain….driving with the windows down on a windy day is a big one….and much more.

That’s what it is, that is what these attachment situations can look like in some cases. It might not be something you’d expect to see in a Hollywood horror movie…but that’s just the movies now isn’t it.

Tonight, the voices have been emerging from the noise of my frig…that’s where I’ve been hearing them. These days this is nothing surprising or even new to me. But yeah, in the very beginning of all of this, I found hearing these voices emerging from so many things to be quite unsettling. But with time I adapted and desensitized myself to it.

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