Hearing Voices After Spirit Communication


January, 2017

 Tonight is sucking real bad so far. It’s midnight, I’m trying to get to sleep…as soon as I went to bed these attachments started right up with the physical disturbances….nothing new about that, but they are a little more intense than usual this evening. But not only that, my neighbor down stairs has been blasting his stereo all night. He’s been blasting it for hours. He never used to do this, it’s just been the past few months that it started but now he keeps blasting music until later and later. 

It’s times like this that I wish I had a house out in the woods somewhere, totally secluded. 

I have to work tomorrow. I have malovent spirits attachments messing with me while I’m trying to sleep, causing me to feel all sorts of strange vibration sensations and the like. The last thing I need is to hear music blasting from the condo below mine this late.

yeah, tonight is sucking so far. It seems like these malevolent spirits and my noisy neighbor are working together to keep me awake all night.


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